Training of Trainer Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

British Council Indonesia, in collaboration with British Council Vietnam, Center of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CSIE) University of Economics, Vietnam, and University of Northampton, UK, held a join Training of Trainer (ToT) about “Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship”. The participants of the ToT varied from university lecturers, NGO members, social entrepreneurs, youth forum members, and many more. The participants came not only from Vietnam, but also from Indonesia. FEB Unpad was invited by British Council Indonesia to send one delegate to join the ToT, Mrs. Rora Puspita Sari, lecturer from FEB Unpad was selected to join the ToT. The ToT itself is consists of: (1) ToT on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Day 1 – 3), (2) International Conference: on Social Enterprise “Fostering and Scaling Social Innovation in Asia” (Day 4), and (3) Company visit to Hanoi Creative Hubs and Old Town City Tour by Hanoi Kids (Day 5).

International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship 2017

Credits: Documentation from Ati Cahayani


ToT on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

The training was presented by Professor Richard Hazenberg from Institute for Social Innovation & Impact, University of Northampton. For more details on day one, the training materials consist of: (1) Social and creative entrepreneurial skills, (2) Introduction of social innovation, (3) Models of social innovation, (4) Pedagogy of social innovation. On day 2, the training materials consist of: (1) Leading on social innovation, (2) Partnership and collaboration in social innovation, (3) Policy & impact of social innovation. On the last day of ToT, the materials consist of: (1) Finance and accounting for social innovation and (2) Social and creative skills on social innovation. The ToT materials from Prof. Hazenberg stressed on the university-based knowledge on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Which means that the materials emphasized on the basic and tacit knowledge on how to manage social enterprise as well as to promote social innovation within the academic atmosphere, business, industry, and government agent.

Not only from the academic perspective, the ToT also invited several actors in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The guest speakers introduced the practice of innovation within their business that gave more impact to the environment and society. We got (1) Ms. Pahm Kieu Oanh from Center for Social Initiative Promotion, (2) Representative from Coca Cola Vietnam for its CSR programs in Vietnam, and (3) Mr. Brian Spence, an offshore investment broker. Those speakers talk more about the practice of social innovation within the organization and business. For example, Ms. Pahm Kieu Oanh told us about her struggle to promote innovation in small businesses to alleviate the Vietnamese from poverty. Continuous innovation is the key for small enterprises to advance their business, and she stressed that small business is the key to help Vietnam pulverizing its poverty, since small business gave more impact to the society by hiring more people in the community.

To give more understanding about the concept of social innovation and social enterprise, the ToT also has group discussion and presentation about the idea and concept of social enterprise that implement innovation. The division of the discussion member was based on the background as well as country origin of the participants. From Indonesia’s group, we explained about the practice of social innovation in Unpad by explaining the business incubator activities that gave impact to the society. We explained that students were embodied to make business in partnership with local people such as farmer. We also explained about the enrichment of our curriculum by planning to add social enterprise in the entrepreneurship curriculum and social innovation in the innovation management curriculum.

Group photo with Professor Hazenberg

Credits: Documentation from Rora Puspita Sari


International Conference on Social Enterprise: “Fostering and Scaling Social Innovation in Asia”

On Friday, we attend the international conference on social enterprise. There was presentation from various speakers that explained about the social enterprise from various views. There was also parallel session on research paper about social enterprise.

Company visit to Hanoi Creative Hubs and Old Town City Tour

On the last day, we visited Hanoi Creative Hubs, the center for developing creative industry in Hanoi. There were various tenants from creative industries such as fashion, craft, and paper art. After visiting the creative hubs, we also visited the example of social enterprise in Hanoi, the place is called Dao’s Care. Dao’s Care main business is spa and massage, what made it special that they hired blind people as the masseur. It is interesting that the vision of Dao’s Spa is to empower blind people so that they will be able to make their own living and became independent. Lastly, we had Old Town city tour accompanied by Hanoi Kids club. Old Town is the center of tourism spot in Hanoi where the tourist can visit the most famous lake and temple in Hanoi.