Center for Economics and Development Studies

Center for Economics and Development Studies

“Dr. Maman Setiawan is a lecturer/researcher at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University. He earned his bachelor degree in Economics from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia (2001), a Masters degree in Industrial Management from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (2004), and a Ph.D in economics from Wageningen University, Netherland (2012). Dr. Setiawan’s research interest is in the economics of competitiveness in industry and finance, and development of micro, small, and medium enterprises. Dr. Setiawan will serve as CEDS Director until 2021.


Mr. Arief Bustaman

Mr. Arief Bustaman is a lecturer and researcher at the department of economics, Padjadjaran University. He earned his Bachelor of Economics (SE), from Padjadjaran University in 2002, a Master of International Business (M.I.B), from University of Wollongong, Australia, in 2004, and a Master of Economics (Advanced), University of Wollongong, Australia, in 2006. Mr. Bustaman research area is in trade, development, and business economics. Mr Bustaman has been CEDS Deputy Director since 2011 and will continue to serve until 2021.


Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS) is a research institution under the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University (UNPAD).

Our Vision

We envision CEDS to be a leading research institution in the area of economics and development studies in Indonesia and establish international prominence in Southeast Asia.

Our Resources

CEDS is supported by all permanent and non-permanent lecturers/researchers of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University. We have at least 56 researcher staff, of which 24 of them have PhD degrees in various sub-discipline of economics. Our office, which is located in the center of Bandung, is equipped with good research facilities such as computers, statistics and modeling software, modern training room as well as access to international journal publications.

Our Activities

Our activities mainly consist of research and training with the following 5 aims. (1) Increasing the quantity and improving the quality of research outputs; (2) Enhancing and extending partnerships; (3) Investing in human and research-related resources; (4) Promoting evidence-based policy formulation and encouraging more engagement in public discourses on relevant issues; (4) Establishing a leading role in Indonesia through knowledge sharing by training and research collaboration with other regional/local universities and other relevant stake-holders.

Our Standing

According to the most recent RePEC (Research Papers in Economics) database – a leading database of publications and institutions – CEDS ranks third among Indonesian economics research institutions. This ranking is based mainly on the impact (citations and download) of staff’ research publication. Three of CEDS researchers are also recorded in RePEC as among top 25% authors in Indonesia.

On average, CEDS’ publish a new research paper every month. Papers in CEDS’ working paper series, Working Papers in Economics and Development Studies (WoPEDS) which is listed in RePEC, since its inception in 2007, have been downloaded at least 16,700 times or 293 download every months on average.

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In 2008, CEDS was selected among 15 institutions in 15 developing countries to be partners in a Global Development Network (GDN) project on Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability. The project run for 5 years and still ongoing. The fundamental goal of this project is to improve development outcomes by increasing the effectiveness with which governments allocate and use their resources.

CEDS is a member of East Asian Development Network (EADN) and now is running an EADN-supported research project on labor market, poverty, and economic policies.

CEDS is an active partner of the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA), a regional network of environmental economics researchers covering Southeast Asia and China. We have hosted and contributed resource persons to at least three training on environmental economics attended by researchers from Southeast Asia and China.

CEDS is a leading institution with expertise in economic modeling, particularly economy-wide modeling. We have been actively and continuously supporting Indonesian government agencies such as BAPPENAS and Fiscal Policy Office to promote the use of such modeling in policy formulations particularly in terms of trainings and development of economic models.