Cultural Exchange: Applause 2019 Goes to Thailand

Angklung Padjadjaran Play in Universe – Applause is a series of events that is held biannually as a form of cultural reservation of angklung by Keluarga Angklung FEB Padjadjaran University (KAFE). The first year is held at South Korea and the second year is held at Japan. The program supports the mission of Indonesian culture by introducing the music of angklung both nationally and internationally. This program will help us to bold an image of angklung as a form human cumulative or learning that has universal values need to be attempted in more strategic way. Through Applause, in 2019 Keluarga Angklung FEB Padjadjaran University are going to hold an international performance and workshop in Thailand on 15th -21st 2019.

Mr. Theerasak (from Thammasat University), Mrs. Diana Sari (from Padjadjaran University) and the players (18th September, 2019)

This year is the 3rd year of Applause with the theme “Harmony in Diversity” which will be held in 4 places of Thailand that is Indonesian School of Bangkok, Thammasat University, Mahidol University and Bangkok Christian International School. In order to further introduce and educate about Indonesia culture, we also held a series of other events namely angklung workshop and farewell concert to be held in Bale Santika, Padjadjaran University on 7th September, 2019. In Thailand, we are playing two kind of music that are international and national music. International music consists of We are The World song by Michael Jackson, Disney Medley is a combination of several Disney original soundtrack film such as Reflection (ost. Mulan), Under the Sea (ost. Ariel), Circle of Life (ost. Lion King), I See the Light (ost. Tangled Up) and For the First Time in Forever (ost. Frozen), Someday that ost from Crazy Little Thing Called Love movie. National music consists of Mojang Priangan by Iyar Wiyarsih from West Java, Bengawan Solo song by Gesang from Central Java, Jali-Jali arranged by Daeng Soetisna from Jakarta, Tari Piring is the one of the famous dance from West Sumatera, Serenade Nusantara is a combination of several folk songs such as Lalayaran from West Java, Janger from Bali, Angin Mamiri from South Sulawesi and Bolelebo from East Nusa Tenggara.

Workshop Angklung at Thammasat University (18th September, 2019).

Besides playing angklung, we are also performing some dance like Saman from Aceh, Tari Piring, Janger, Tari Kipas (combination of Angin Mamiri and Bolelebo), Mojang Priangan and Jali-Jali. Not just playing angklung, some of us are playing kendang and drum. After doing the performance, we move to another session namely workshop angklung. This workshop is about teaching the audience there how to playing angklung correctly and at the end we are playing one song together that is Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. This performance takes around 6 months rehearsal, starts from March to September. We are so proud doing this cultural exchange, because we can introduce our culture and also the audience are so excited follow this program.

Saman Dance that performed at Indonesian School of Bangkok (16th September, 2019).

Rilis/ Dani Wahdani