Vision, Missions and Objectives

Mission Statement

Vision and Mission of FEB Unpad

In aligning with the university’s long-term plan, FEB Unpad also has made a long-term planning:

  1. 2007-2011 :  To be an excellent research-based teaching faculty.
  2. 2012-2016 : To be one of the best economics and business faculties in the ASEAN region.
  3. 2017-2022 : To be one of the best economics and business faculties in the Asia-Pacific region.
  4. 2022-2026 : To be a world-class faculty of economics and business.


“To be a leading economics and business faculty at the national level, that able to compete at the national level, distinguished in Asia Pacific and internationally by 2026”.


  1. Provides a professional, accountable, and conducive education (pedagogy, research and science development, and community service) in response to the digital innovation.
  2. Conduct high quality research which produces new ideas in the field of economics and business, nationally and internationally, especially in field of creative industry.
  3. Make a real contribution to the community, based on research study and community service, which can then be implemented by policy makers in the government, the public sector, and the private sector.

In 2016 and 2017, FEB Unpad observed the profound impact of digital disruption into economy and decided to response to maintain school’s relevance in the Economy revolution 4.0. during 2017, the school conducted many seminars and talk about digital disruption and economy revolution. At the end of 2017, the school decided to open the undergraduate program in digital business in August 2018. This decision is highly supported by the University’s Rector’s office. Beside opening the undergraduate program in Digital Business, the school also aimed to employ digital learning as underlying enabler in all of its study programs. Digital transformation has been the main strategy for 2018-2023 in the FEB Unpad to achieve the school’s mission.

FEB Unpad also offers other uniqueness compared to similar faculty in other universities. We put a lot of concern to develop curriculum of our study programs based on the creative industry. Locate in Bandung, the capital city of creative industry in Indonesia, we are privileged to receive tremendous support from creative industry players such as Berkraf, BCC, fashion desighners, etc. Our collaboration with the cretaive industry stakeholders have influence many research of our lecturers in this area and also our students projects. All the year round we conducted many talks, seminar and also workshops which involved SME in creative industry and the lecturers who are involved in developing the creative industry in Bandung. FEB Unpad also maintain its competitiveness by opening undergraduate degree in Islamic Economic in 2016. Combining the creative industry in the curriculum and digital transformation as the soul of the faculty, the curriculum offers students unique study experience.